Name: Daisy (ID# 17092601P)
Breed: Sheltie X
Gender: Female
Age: D.O.B. November 1, 2016
Weight: 32 lbs
Spayed: Yes
Hey There! I’m Daisy and I was surrendered to the shelter because I am too active for my owner’s lifestyle. I was purchased as a puppy and things were going great, but as I started getting older my puppy tendencies weren’t as cute anymore. I needed more than what they could give me. When I arrived at the shelter things were so different, so noisy and there were so many smells. It didn’t smell like home and I was scared. I was rude with the staff, but I didn’t mean it. They kept telling me everything would be ok. They cleaned me, fed me, gave me new toys and a new outlook on life. I began to trust them and I actually really like them :) I showed them my softer side and behaved like a lady for my vaccines. I’m now looking for an active family that will appreciate me and my love of life personality. I’m house trained, but I haven’t been crate trained. I like playing in the back yard, but if I get bored I will try and dig my way out. I will chew things when I’m left on my own, so crate training would probably be a good idea. That way you know I’m safe and your possessions are safe as well. I lived with a cat before and enjoyed chasing them around the house. . . they didn’t like it too much. I’ve met other dogs and can be quite hyper with them as well. If you have another dog and are thinking about adopting me we can do a “meet & greet” at the shelter to see how we interact with each other. I have a lot of energy which isn’t really the greatest thing when young children are around. I can knock them over easily and they really get me excited. I think a home with children over the age of 13 would be best for me. I’ve been known to be a bit snappy when high value food items are around and will need to work on this behaviour. I heard dog school is a great way for me to learn some manners and understand what is expected of me and what behaviours are acceptable. I was an excellent patient for my vaccines and I love bubble baths. I’m kind of nervous in the car, but I’ve only gone on 2 car rides, one to the shelter and one to the vet. I do not like brooms or vacuum cleaners, so don’t be surprised if I don’t help out around the house. I’m a great girl with lots of love and energy to bring to a new family. Please consider taking me home! ~available for adoption at the shelter~
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