Name: Patricia (ID# 17100306P)
Breed: DSH
Gender: Female
Age: 4-5 years
Spayed: Yes
Meet Patricia! This girl was found by a member of the public and they brought her into their house overnight. When they brought her to the shelter the next day they informed us that Patricia did not like their dog or their cat so we are looking for a home without other animals for her. Patricia was adopted out to a wonderful family, but had to be returned due to allergies. Her new owners loved her so much and it broke their hearts to have to bring her back. They said she was an amazing girl with a super sweet personality. She wasn’t allowed on counters or tables, but would occasionally jump up there. They would tell her “off” and she would always listen :) She uses a scratching post and was not destructive to furniture. The first night they had her home she was quite stressed and cried as she was getting accustomed to her new home. Once she settled in, she was full of love and purrs. If you’ve got the love in your heart for a pretty lady like this, please consider taking Patricia home! ~available for adoption at Global Pet Foods Franklin Blvd~
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