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I adopted a Beagle X from you. She is such a sweet girl and we are getting along great. The write-up you put on about her adoption is perfect.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt such a precious girl.

Your Humane Society is the best I have visited and would highly recommend it any day.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

It was our first visit to the Cambridge and District Humane Society. It is quite the facility - incredibly clean and organized. We were met with a real warm welcome.

Sue & Jonathan
Ontario, Canada

I held her in my arms from London to Cambridge. It took all I could to let her go. But when she was put into her cage in Cambridge and saw her wonderful Kuranda bed, food, toys, sparkling water dish , she came to me and wagged her tail. It was like she was saying it was worth the long drive to get here.

Ontario, Canada

I have been looking at your site about every other day in search for a dog…I seem to get attached to the pages of the dogs and want to know that each of them gets to go to a good home in the end. Reading the happy adoption stories just makes my day, and I want to congratulate all of your staff for doing such a good job. Your website is one of the best I've seen. So I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!


Ontario, Canada

Great web site.

I am amazed how well you present the dogs for adoption and how quickly they find homes! I help transport dogs from other shelters and I keep checking to find out when they find their new families. It makes helping them come here so much more rewarding! Your Humane Society seems so inviting!

Thanks again,

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

...Everyone has the same thing on their minds - the dogs and their well being. We have been in a fair number of humane societies before but never the Cambridge one. I must and will make comment on this one. Bonnie Deekon runs the best place in the world. The whole place was organized, immaculate and the pet cages were unbelievable. Everything was geared to each animal to have the best of the best. What a bunch of happy pets they all were. Bonnie took the time to show us all through the entire facility. The place was so clean you could eat off the floor. Bonnie shows a very special love for all the animals. We came away from there in complete awe. If anyone ever gets a chance to visit there please do so.

Ontario, Canada

.... I checked out the "Adopted Pets" page and found Ricki's picture on it. I must say, I love the text you included with it. I couldn't of put it better.

Ricki has become quite attached to me in such a short time. Be it the fact that she spent 20 minutes in the car on my lap, or the fact that she felt I made a good sheild for Snoopy's advances, I don't know. But you are correct in writing a match made in heaven...

Debbie and Ricki
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to let you know how much I like the new viewing format.  It's so easy to read and navigate as I check your site every single day!.

Thanks again,

M. Robertson
Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful site!

I live quite far from you but would consider visiting The Cambridge Humane Society if I ever decide to adopt another dog.
I truly enjoy reading the stories of the dogs that have been adopted and always say a prayer for those waiting for adoption.

You are a great group of people! Thank you!

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Would like to let you know that I sincerely appreciate your fabulous website! It has become a habit to view your page at least once a day! Thanks for the effort and continuous postings of the animals available for adoption.


Sandra Vidug
Ontario, Canada

Want to commend you on your terrific site...

Jo-Ann LeGros
Southern Ontario, Canada

Amazing web site -- it's just beautiful.  No other word for it. The pictures are all incredible.

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

We just found your page and loved the pictures of the animals. Your caring shows in the write-ups...

Sheila White
Ontario, Canada

Great Web site!
.... You do a great job and your caring shows...

Maureen Flietner
Wisconsin, USA

We love your site, and enjoy looking at the animals who have found new homes!

Howard S.
Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

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