Adopt Me...

Name: Christie (ID: 18072110P)
Breed: DMH
Gender: Female
Age: 9-10 years
Spayed: Yes

Oh geeze! I feel ridiculous with this bow on my head, but the staff assured me I look adorable:) Maybe I’ll be able to look back at this photo of myself and laugh. . . we’ve all been there before. Can you believe that back in the day I would tease my hair?!? Now those were some crazy times and thankfully I only had to have a bit of my hair shaved from where I teased a bit too much. Gosh, I remember being a wild child in my younger years and it’s funny how fast you grow up. I would hang on curtains, chase my tail and run around the house like a mad woman! I’m older and much wiser now and I realize all I need in life is you. When I arrived at the shelter as a stray I didn’t know what was happening. I wondered if anyone would like me and how I would be able to start over. I know I seem a bit shy, but man, I love being loved. I purr really loud and head bumps are my specialty. Is your lap cold, cause I’ll warm it right up when we cuddle together on the couch. This hair of mine has a mind of its own sometimes and I’ll be sure to sit still while you brush me. I love being brushed and looking my best! I can’t quite remember if I’ve lived with other animals or children before, so we’ll need to start from scratch. Slow introductions are best and give me some time to check out my new place. I know I’m older, but I’ve got some stories to tell, some laps to sit on and some hearts to warm. ~available for adoption at Pet Valu Franklin Blvd~

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