Adopt Me...

Name: Leonardo (ID: 18092913P)
Breed: DMH
Gender: Male
Age: 5-6 years
Neutered: Yes

Yes, hello. I see you peering in my kennel, making those ridiculous kissy sounds only a fool would fall for. *twirls whiskers with paw* I am Leonardo a majestic feline in search of a kingdom to rule. I demand to be respected and adored. I expect to be waited on paw and paw and should never be awoken from my slumber. I shall be fed the fanciest of feasts and drink from only the shiniest of faucets. I shall be given toys that I will not play with while you stand there and watch me, but will bat around when you look away. I will purr all of the time because this thing didn`t come with a manual and I don`t know how to turn it off. I shall not play with young children as I find them bothersome. I do not and I repeat DO NOT want to live in a home with one of those drooling imbeciles you call ``man`s best friend``. If and only if you can adhere to these requests I will allow you to call me your pet even though we know it`s the other way around. ~available for adoption at the shelter~ SPECIAL ADOPTION PRICING IN EFFECT $150

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