Adopt Me...

Name: Luna (ID: 19012301P)
Breed: Shep X
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 48 lbs
Spayed: Yes

Greetings! I’m Luna and I suffer from separation anxiety. Whew, there I said it and it feels good. I’m not going to hide who I am anymore, no way! I’m gonna be open and honest because I know I’m not the only animal suffering from this. I was surrendered to the shelter because when I’m home alone I bark and scratch at the door which doesn’t go over very well in an apartment. I hate that I get so stressed out when I’m on my own and I’m hoping to find a family that understands what I’m going through. Separation anxiety is manageable and I know there’s someone out there that can support me and give me a fabulous home. Keeping me active and engaging with me mentally and physically can only do me good. I need to be walked daily. I need to be allowed to smell things and get my sillies out. Walking needs to be fun and not a chore. Engage with me by playing a game of hide and seek, toss the ball around or teach me new things. I`m an active girl and I want more than a 20 minute walk around the block...I need more. I’m house trained and crate trained, but I don’t like being locked in my crate. It stresses me out. I like meeting new people and I’m food motivated. I was an excellent patient for my vaccines and I do know some basic obedience. I respond well to positive corrections and food rewards. A home without young children or cats is best for me, but I think another well-rounded canine might help me long as they can tolerate my energy. I’d love a home where I won’t be left on my own for very long. Maybe even an active retired couple or someone that works from home. These would all be great options for me. Ohhhh maybe I could go to doggie daycare! That would be so much fun and would surly tucker me out! I really just want a home that isn’t going to give up on me when things get tough. Work with me, teach me and understand who I am. Come and visit with me and see what I’m all about. ~available for adoption at the shelter~

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