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Name: Elsa (ID: 19021502P)
Breed: DSH
Gender: Female
Age: 1-1 1/2 years
Spayed: Yes

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what kind of cat I am and that’s easy. I’m currently pretending I'm a sphynx. Fleas have eaten my fur away and I may have done some over grooming trying to get rid of them. I will soon be back to my old domestic short haired self. In the mean time you can tell all of your friends about how you adopted a fancy cat and we’ll have them all fooled. It was a bit embarrassing when I showed up at the shelter as a stray, but the naked truth is fleas happen. All I needed was a bit of medicine and kablammo, they were sent packing. Now I’m just hanging out at the shelter with my own bags packed, hoping you’ll take me home. My past is a mystery and who knows if I’ve lived with other animals or kids. Gosh, I wish that someone from my previous life would have put a note on me or something with information as to who I am, but as the song says “Let it Go”! Fur or no fur, I’m still a catch and in need of a home. ~available for adoption at the shelter~

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