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Name: Angelica (ID: 19021504P)
Breed: Bengal X
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Spayed: Yes

I find it funny that the word ‘angel’ is in my name because most of the time I’m not one. I’m a stray cat scorned and I say it the way it is. I’m not one for kids or other animals and I much prefer to be around adult humans. I don’t want a feline friend, they’re too needy. Dogs = gross and kids = sticky. Could you imagine what they would do to my sleek coat? I swear this is what nightmares are made of! I must sound like a complete diva, but if the tiara fits I say wear it! If you have to ask yourself why you should adopt a cat like me we can’t be friends. I want someone to adopt me because they know I’m the right cat for them. Some felines want to be adored and snuggled and have humans go ‘ga-ga’ over them, but not me. I want to chill out with some cat nip and a feather wand. I want to nap in a soft pile of pillows. I want to roll around in warm laundry from the dryer and I want to live in the lap of luxury. I’ll chat with you after a long day at work, but if you’re boring I will fall asleep. I’m simply gorgeous and I should be treated like a queen. . . always! I like being pet and when I’m done with that I’ll just saunter away. I’m not mean, just real. Think you can handle an independent feline like moi? ~available for adoption at the shelter~

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