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Name: Glebe (ID: 19021902P)
Breed: DSH
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Neutered: Yes

Do you see this handsome cat in front of you? Do you see my gorgeous coat and beautiful eyes? I look this good and feel this good because of the kennel team at the shelter and I owe my life to them. If you would have seen me a couple of months ago you wouldn’t believe I was the same cat in front of you now. I arrived at the shelter as a stray and I was a sight for sore eyes. I was thin, dirty, dehydrated and suffering from a severe case of frostbite on all 4 paws. The smell of my rotting flesh was unbearable and I could see the sadness in the eyes of the staff. The vet wasn’t sure if I was too far gone and if I was going to succumb to my injuries. All anyone could do was try. I was given a medicated bath and –warning gross- parts of my skin and the pads of my feet fell off. I was put on antibiotics right away and I was pumped full of fluids. My feet needed to be soaked numerous times a day to ensure I didn`t get an infection. Most cats would have kicked up a fuss, but not this guy! I purred the entire time because I knew this team was trying to save my life and they did just that. I`m so pleased to say that my treatment is over and I MADE IT!!! Now I need to find a home that loves me as much as these guys do. I will be the best cat you ever own because I`m thankful for everyday on this earth. I love playing with my toys and cuddling up with my humans. No one knows if I`ve lived with other animals or children before, so let`s go slow while I figure everything out. Take the time to get to know me and I promise you won`t regret it. ~available for adoption at Pet Valu Holiday Inn Drive~

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