Adopt Me...

Name: Alan (ID: 19030104P)
Breed: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Neutered: No

*gnawing on a carrot* Hey there. I’m Alan and I was transferred to the CDHS from another shelter that was over-run with the bun-buns. I originally came from a place with lots of rabbits and I wasn’t getting the care I needed. I was getting into fights with the other rabbits and I really just need my own space for a bit. I want to collect my thoughts and have humans focus their attention on just me for a change. I don’t like being picked up, but I do enjoy a good pet session. Fresh veggies are the way to my heart and they keep me super healthy. I’m not litter trained, but if you teach me and work with me I should be able to figure it out. Have you ever eaten hay out of an empty paper towel roll? It’s amazing and I really think you’d like it. Adopt me and I can show you how to make it! ~available for adoption at the shelter for $20 without cage~

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