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Name: El Nino (ID: 19032604P)
Breed: DSH
Gender: Male
Age: 16 weeks
Neutered: Yes

Once upon a time there was a cat with no name. He lived outside all by himself and never had a home of his own. He was scared of humans and would run and hide when he saw them coming close. One day the unthinkable happened, he was trapped! A human had lured him in with some tasty snacks and brought him to the shelter. This feisty feline had no idea what was happening and couldn’t believe he let his guard down. . . for food. When he arrived at the shelter he did everything he could to hide. The kennel team showed him love. They pet down his back and scratched all of the spots he couldn’t reach on his own. Ear scratches, head scratches and the sweet spot under his chin. He began to trust and even got a name; El Nino. He started to realize that humans weren’t so scary after all. El Nino began to purr and didn’t hide as much as before. He started to think about his future with loving humans. Although he is still shy, El Nino has made amazing progress and can only flourish more in a home environment. He seems to enjoy the company of other felines and would need a very slow introduction to children (10+) and canines. Respect and space goes a long way. Give El Nino the fairy tale ending he deserves. ~available for adoption at the shelter~

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