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Name: Watermelon (ID: 19061108P)
Breed: DSH
Gender: Male
Age: 1 1/2-2 years
Neutered: Yes

Everyone loves watermelon on a hot, summer day right? Well, I guess not everyone because I was found in a box with another feline friend. I was not a very happy boy when the Animal Care Team fist laid eyes on me. I was hurt and I made hissing sounds at them so they knew how I was feeling. I was given my space to gather my thoughts and while doing so these lovely ladies brought me toys and delicious snacks. I couldn’t help but love them and decided to change my tune. The hissing changed to meows and purrs and I became a much happier kitty. No one knows if I’ve lived with dogs or children before, but I should be ok with other cats as I was in a box with another one. You really get to know someone when you live in a box together. I’d love to live in a home and have people I can trust as my family members. Does this sound like you? UPDATE - Watermelon has been showing signs of not appreciating other animals and is therefore looking to be the only pet in the home. ~available for adoption at the shelter~

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