Adopt Me...

Name: Jim Lahey (ID: 19071214P)
Breed: Hound X
Gender: Male
Age: 2-3 years
Weight: 38.8 lb
Neutered: Yes

Jim Lahey here and I`m pleased to meet you. Finding a new family can be daunting, but it`s a task I`m willing to do and check off of my list! Now, first things first; how do you feel about singing? Hounds are notorious for their exceptional voices and we’re all about that bass, no treble. I do like to sing, but when I’m tired I don’t seem to sing as much. . . catch my drift??? I need exercise and excitement in my life. I want to take advantage of this superb nose that allows me to sniff in all of the yummy smells of the world. I want to hike and walk on some uneven terrain and really work those glutes. I don’t want to hang out in the yard solo, I wanna be with you doing all the fun stuff ‘cause YOLO! I can be a bit shy when meeting new people because I don’t know what you’re thinking or if you’re going to like me. As soon as I hear your cutsie voice my hips start shaking like Shakira’s! “Ohh baby when you talk like that, you make a hound go mad” Whoopsie, there I go with the singing again :) I’m house trained and know basic obedience and I would LOVE to go to dog school. Who wants to go to school in the summer months – this guy! My leash skills are definitely in need of improvement and I need to learn how to chill out. It’s that nose of mine that just wants to take me on adventures. While I’m trying to figure out my new life with you, a home with children over 13 would be best. I need to focus and kids generally equal excitement. I can be mouthy when playing with my toys, but I’m gentle when taking treats from your hands. Although I am respectful of your words, I will chase cats and I’m not too sure how I feel about living with a cat. All in all I’m a rambunctious boy that’s looking for a family to help me settle and enrich my life so I can burn off some of this energy! ~available for adoption at the shelter~

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