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Name: Bubbles (ID: 19092304P)
Breed: Lab/Shep X
Gender: Male
Age: 8-10 months
Weight: 52 lbs
Neutered: Yes

APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL FRIDAY OCTOBER 18TH AT 7PM My friend Ricky and I were found on the outskirts of Wagsville just livin’ on our own in a trailer park. We ate beans from a can and I was always the voice of reason when Ricky tried to get into the ‘sauce’. I wasn’t about to go down for any of his shenanigans. Even though we made our own rules and did our own thing there was something missing from our lives. . . love. Sure we loved each other in a bro kinda way, but we’ve never really felt like part of a family. I love other dogs and seem to enjoy all kinds of humans, but a meet and greet at the shelter is always best. Kitties are the cutest, little ninjas I’ve ever seen, but they scare the jeepers right outta me! Have you heard them hiss??? TERRIFYING!!! I enjoy ripping toys apart and I’m super satisfied when I have removed all of the stuffing. That’s how I know they can’t come to life and steal my food when I’m sleeping. Food is the way to my heart and will come in handy for training. I have a lot to learn as I’m just a young pup and need some guidance. I am not accustomed to walking on a leash and I will take you on an adventure if you let me. I should probably work on that with you so we can enjoy a walk together. I haven’t had the chance to experience what life is all about and I can be shy in new situations. Teach me, guide me and be patient with me as I learn all about life with you! (Cats - scared, Dogs - good, Kids - Unknown) Available for adoption at the shelter

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