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Proceeds are in support of
the animals in our care.


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Did we mention the good looking tags?

Your pet’s official license produces funds for local pets in need.


Ask us about our Compassion Program.

You can help provide food, accommodations, and
medical care for a month!


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Making a Shelter Feel Like Home

Cambridge & District Humane Society and our official licensing partner,
DocuPet, share the same important mission of providing safe and happy
homes for all pets. While the animals in our shelter await their forever homes,
we do all we can to provide a comfortable and productive environment
here at the Humane Society.


There are two main benefits of licensing your pet in Cambridge:

  • Dog tags get stray animals home and reduce shelter stays.
  • Provides funds for the Cambridge and District Humane Society

The city of Cambridge requires dog owners to license their pets in
compliance with our Dog By-Law. But just because your pet needs one,
that doesn’t mean that the tag needs to be boring and the process needs
to be a headache.

We’ve teamed up with DocuPet to redefine pet
licensing with a simple online process and additional benefits to make
yours and your pet’s lives easier.

Your DocuPet Membership includes:

  • Personalizable Dog Tags with secure online profile
  • The HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service
  • Designer tag selections
  • A $25 voucher from Ren’s Pets
  • Access to great dog safety and wellness products
  • Thanks for supporting animal welfare
  • Your City of Cambridge Dog License

Support your local shelter by purchasing your dog license

Click here to learn more about the Safe & Happy Fund

The Safe & Happy Fund’s net proceeds directly support animal welfare in the communities we serve.

Who is The Cambridge & District Humane Society?

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and providing shelter and comfort to the needy animals of the Cambridge & District community in Ontario, Canada. We are supported by the generosity of the community we serve. Our services depend on the generosity of these volunteers to assist in fulfilling our mandate.

As a charity we rely on private donations to continue helping the thousands of animals we take in. A surrender fee is charged at the time of an animal’s admittance. For more information, please call the shelter to speak with our Animal Care Supervisor, 519-623-7722.

In A Year, At Minimum We…

  • Respond to over 1791 calls for animal services
  • Conduct 2924 park patrols
  • Spend over $72,000 a year on veterinary medicine, emergency surgery, spay/neuter, and various medical procedures
  • Do approximately 3650 loads of laundry for the animals
  • Use Roughly 7300 kg of kitty litter per year