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Our adoption terms include spay/neuter, but the adoption fee does not cover the cost.

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Animal Care

We spend over $72,000 a year on veterinary medicine, emergency surgery, spay/neuter, and various medical procedures.

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End of Life

Our new Compassion Fund helps marginal income families with the cost of cremation.

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Animal Services

The City of Cambridge requires dog owners to have their pet licensed each year.

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Our Mission

The Cambridge and District Humane Society promotes and ensures the health, safety and humane treatment of animals through public education and the provision of care and shelter for those animals in need within our community.

We Believe

Animals are a natural part of our environment. No animal should suffer.
All animals deserve our respect and compassion. All animals should have appropriate shelter/protection. Animal ownership is a privilege.

Our team cares for homeless animals in need of temporary shelter. We look for suitable new homes, and provide education to the community on how to care for their newly adopted pets.

The Cambridge and District Humane Society is a non-profit organization. We are dedicated to protecting and providing shelter to the needy animals of the Cambridge and District community in Ontario, Canada. The Society is completely supported by the generosity of the community it serves. Our animals and organization depends on volunteers and donations in order fulfill our mandate.

The Cambridge & District Humane Society accepts adoptable animals from the Cambridge City Pound, as well as public surrenders. The Society also transfers in animals from many other shelters, pounds and rescue organizations in need. For further information on surrendering your animal to the Society please refer to our policies page.

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