Pet Adoption

Why Choose Adoption?

Give an animal a forever home. Are you looking for a new furry family member? Our goal is to find each animal a loving home. Dogs, cats, and small animals of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Our experienced and trained animal care staff will work with you to match your lifestyle, provide you with information about adopting an animal, care, and cost requirements.

We provide a lot of care to your new family member before you take them home. As well as any veterinary care needed during their stay with us. After the adoption we encourage you to find a veterinary clinic so you can continue care and ensure your pet stays healthy.

Our Adoption Process

Step 1: Browse the Animals Available for Adoption

All of our adoption animals are temperament tested to help determine their personality, characteristics, energy level, playfulness and social interaction. Our caring and knowledgeable staff are available to guide you through your adoption experience, and help you find the perfect match!

Step 2: Complete & Submit An Application

There will be a minimum 48 hour waiting period to review applications. Applications are not on a first come, first serve basis as we are looking for the most suitable home for each animal. We are unable to hold pets and all information is required on our application to proceed. All adopters are carefully screened and random checks of adopted animals help to ensure that new owners are managing any problems that may arise.

*Our application requests permission to speak to your current Veterinarian – please contact them to allow the CDHS Adoptions Department to collect the required information for reference purposes.*

Step 3: Book an Appointment to Meet the Animal

Animals available at satellite adoption locations can be visited during that location’s business hours. Satellite locations do not have applications on hand – if you are interested in applying for a specific animal please email the adoptions counselor.

To meet animals available for adoption at the shelter an appointment must be arranged. All of your family members are required to meet the animals with a member of our staff.

*Covid-19 protocols are in place within the facility and at this time, if you are viewing a small animal or cat, we can only accept 1 family member in at a time*