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Lost & Found

Losing a pet you love can be very stressful. This is designed as a guideline for finding that lost pet or helping the lost animal you've found return home.

If You Have Lost a Pet:

  • Contact Animal Services Cambridge and file a report - 1660 Dunbar Road, Cambridge, Ontario, 519-623-6323.
  • Visit to post an online lost report in a province wide database.
  • Tour your neighborhood and check the places familiar to your pet - perhaps you take him/her to a friends home on a regular basis. (S)he may have gone there or, perhaps, (s)he was diverted while strolling along a familiar route.
  • Don't be shy - talk to your neighbours and let them know. Dogs, in specific, tend to visit other homes with dogs. Other pet owners are usually very happy to help in your search.
  • Put posters up in your neighborhood (bylaws permitting). Many stores have places where you can put small posters.
  • Contact the veterinarian who issued the rabies tag - (s)he may have received a call from someone trying to track you down. Another veterinarian could have seen the pet brought in by a concerned citizen.
  • If your pet is micorchipped, contact the microchip company to notify them that your pet is missing.
    Search your favourite search engine for websites where you can post your lost pet.
  • Contact Pounds and Humane Societies in neighbouring communities - For Cambridge, Ontario, those would be: Guelph - (519) 824-3091, Kitchener - (519) 745-5615, Hillside Kennels (519) 469-3247, Flamborough & Sheffield 905-981-8188, and Brant County (519) 756-6620. For a Directory of Ontario Pounds Click Here.
  • If you've just moved from another neighbourhood, maintain contact with friends and neighbors who would know your pet. It is not uncommon to see an animal travel great distances to return "home". In a new home, search it very thoroughly. Pets, especially cats, have an interesting way of finding cracks, crevices and unique hiding places in the home you think you know.
  • Don't give up. Some pets do return home on their own after quite some time. Keep your eyes and ears open to scratching on your front or back door. If you live in a busy neighbourhood and your pet is roaming the streets, it is most likely that (s)he is hiding during the day and roaming during the night. Consequently, your lost pet may be trying to get into your home during the night or early morning hours.
  • Try setting up a baby monitor outdoors over night to see if your pet returns. Click Here for further info on this and a success story.

Remember, pictures speak louder than words. Always include pictures when possible!

If You Have Found a Pet:

  • Contact Animal Services Cambridge IMMEDIATELY and file a report - 1660 Dunbar Road, Cambridge, Ontario, 519-623-6323.
  • Either Contact Animal Services to come and pick up the animal and deliver it to the pound 519-623-6323, or bring it there yourself to have it checked for a microchip and a photo taken for their reports.
  • If the pet has been found in another city or township please contact the animalĀ pound/shelter for that area.
  • Visit to post an online lost report in a province wide database.

Chances of successfully reuniting a lost pet with its family are substantially improved when that pet is implanted with a microchip device, injected under the skin of the animal. Please see your veterinarian to have your pet microchipped today.

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