Emergency Boarding Program

individuals in crisis

The Cambridge & District Humane Society (CDHS) offers short-term, temporary boarding for individuals in crisis through the Emergency Boarding Program (EBP).  Crisis may include, but is not limited to; medical emergencies, loss of housing due to fire or flood, sudden hospitalization, domestic violence, death, etc. 

The Cambridge & District Humane Society requests that all options with family members, friends and boarding facilities be exhausted before requesting assistance from the Emergency Boarding Program.

Gaining Access to the Program

**In order for your pet to be eligible for this program and its benefits, owners MUST complete appropriate admission contracts with a CDHS representative. Animals being housed in the Shelter without emergency boarding contracts in place will be processed as an impounded animal**

Eligible members of the community requiring access to the Emergency Boarding Program must be referred by a recognized service agency or professional.
Such as a Social Worker, Shelter Case Worker or Disaster Response Worker (Police Officer, EMS, Fire Fighter, Health Care Professional).

Emergency Boarding Program Details

  • Length of stay is 10 days; extensions may be considered
  • Proof of ownership, vaccination history, health care documentation, and identification are required, if available.  If there are no veterinary records to prove ownership, pet photos or testimony from family/friends may be accepted
  • The client is required to sign an Owner Agreement.  If the client is unable to sign these documents, the CDHS will work in collaboration with the service agency and/or professional assigned to the client.
  • Animals will receive an initial exam, core vaccinations, microchip and parasite treatment if necessary.  Vaccines are mandatory.
  • Animals may be fostered with a qualified CDHS Foster Parent.
  • Animals are provided with daily food, water, socialization and exercise.
  • Surrender fee will not apply.
  • Clients may call and/or email to check the status of their animal as visitation is not permitted unless granted by the CDHS.
  • Strictly confidential.

Admittance to the program will be dependent on the
resources we have available at the time of request.
*Must be a resident of Cambridge to access this program*

Surrendering of the animal may be strongly encouraged in certain situations.

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